You need to bridge theory with practice.

There is a never-ending cycle of rising demands for healthcare services and a huge pressure on healthcare budgets. Those are recurring themes in your market. What you face are the issues of fostering innovation, securing market access, and providing value to healthcare stakeholders.

Innovations in science and technology will transform healthcare tomorrow and the minds of medical innovators are focused on value. But innovations are useless unless it reaches the patient, preferably in an early stage.

To overcome challenges and hurdles companies need to motivate and guide departments to bridge the gap between the theory and practice. Crossfunctional teamwork is essential.

WIMENCO can and will assist in bridging success.

We focus on cross-functional teamwork, not on price.

While the healthcare market demands Value for money, companies tend to struggle with what exactly do stakeholders want. What Value for money can we communicate with what stakeholder? WIMENCO is capable to help companies bridge the gap between theory and practice. By bridging departments and data success will come.

  • Market Access

Identify those markets with the strongest need for your product, assessing the internal structure to success.

  • Communicating Value

the market demands value, not low prices. Assess the MAIN Value of your products and communicate with one voice.

  • Execution

bring senior level commercial skills to collaborate with your teams, structure teamwork and do business development for you.

  • Training

bring one internal Value definition for your products. Train the trainers to communicate internally and externally.


“In Market Access there’s a huge interest in having data to help demonstrate value, by showing how products are used by physicians and producing better cost-modeling in order to demonstrate what cost might be mitigated”.

- Pamela Bacon, Celgene

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WIMENCO can and will assist in bridging success.