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WIMENCO for large companies

The industry used to be one of transformative or disruptive innovation, which brought life-changing solutions to hundreds of thousands of new patients a year. This innovation cycle has slowed down significantly in the past few years due to all the changes in healthcare environment. Do you understand these changes and do you have an operational solution to challenge and use these opportunities?

Do you need guidance by a companion?

What I do

Two major assessments can guide your operation to be successful (source: WIMENCO)

  1. Clinical Value assessment – workflow – PDF
  2. Health Economic assessment – workflow – PDF

Both pdf’s are available on demand.

C-suite management should be heavily involved with Market Access & Health Economic operational solutions needed to bridge for success.



WIMENCO can and will assist in bridging success.


“The group working on health economics and outcomes research or market access does not have enough influence on the way their organization operates in terms of research strategy.”

- Rafael Alonso, GSK