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Small & Midsize companies

Market Access & Health Economy is about packaging the right data needed, with the right people involved, for the right customer, at the right time.

Market Access & Health Economy solution should be developed collaboratively with clinical, R&D, sales and Marketing departments working in tandem. Keep all of them on a high level of knowledge of current healthcare changes and challenges.

Develop a cohesive operational solution that can be understood by the field force and ultimately used to drive the products uptake is eminent.

Do you need guidance in cross-functional solutions?

Simple guide to a Market Access & Health Economic strategy;



WIMENCO can and will assist in bridging success.

Think about the journey from Phase I. The role of Market Access & Health Economic is critical here, but it’s not easy to convince people to plan for final launch and reimbursement from Phase I.

The regulators are generally clear in terms of guidance, they want to see this measurement, and they want to see that endpoint. Regulators want everything controlled. But reimbursement requirements change all the time and also its county specific. So you have to understand what needs to be done for multiple stakeholders and then find a common denominator to generate the critical evidence and communication strategies.