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Start up companies work on true innovations, niche products or orphan drugs. The eagerness to get a product to the market is eminent for a start-up company. The journey from Phase I is important. The role of Market Access is critical here, but it’s not easy to convince people to plan for final launch and reimbursement from Phase I. Market Access & Health Economic is cross-functional effort throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Do you need guidance on Market Access & Health Economic without FTE constrains?

Next step

The next step is to create a strong cross-functional team effort.

In small companies all market access activities have to be done with a (very) limited group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

In the Market Access operational setting there will be a number of gaps which cannot be solved by this group.

Guidance in this operational environment will be crucial to move from early adaptors to early majority or to more capital equipped larger companies to share risks and uncertainties.


WIMENCO can and will assist in bridging success.